Moolamala - jiawenMoolamala pieces are all handmade with love, dedication and patience.

At this point, Moolamala is just one, very content crystal-loving human designing and stringing malas. (That’s me on the left pretending to be all goddessy and mala-worthy, but at all other times I’m very normal looking!)

Semi-precious stones and sacred seeds are selected and matched according to vibration and feeling.

I use my intuition and follow my moods when making up a mala, and I treat my mala-making time as meditation, so some peace and grace probably goes into it at the same time.

All mala can be worn as necklaces or wrapped around the wrist multiple times. Each bead has its own structure and natural beauty, and some believe even healing properties – used for spiritual purposes in a mala, the crystals and rudrakshas become even more powerful reminders of what you wish to achieve in your life journey.

They are equally for beauty and for mantra, and I leave it up to you to find how to use your mala!

aquamarinesMalas, Prayer Beads & Rosaries

The use of meditation or prayer beads is not a practice recently invented or introduced, but is archetypal in nature, and common to every great faith tradition. According to all major world religions, life’s sojourn on earth is for the perfection of the soul. Historically, people the world over have enjoyed the assistance of a mala, rosary, or prayer beads, usually accompanied by the invocation of a divine name. Across religions, this powerful rite is believed to help guide the believer towards the path of self-realization and virtue. All sacred traditions hold that human beings are innately divine. Spirituality helps to recover this true status, and the use of malas, rosaries, and prayer beads across different faiths has this goal as its particular focus.*

*excerpted from http://dharma-beads.net